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Study Guide for Marx's Capital

It's the 150th anniversary of the publication of Capital, Volume I. Ever wondered what the fuss was all about? Get together with a group of friends and check it out.


FSP recommendations for the August 1, 2017 Washington State Primary election

Heightened polarization, political protest and voter disgust have shaken up the electoral arena this year.

From the Archives

Collapse of the Soviet Union? Only workers’ revolt can stave it off

In the 100th anniversary year of the Russian Revolution, and with Putin and Russia dominating the news, a look back from 1991 at the causes of the collapse of the Soviet Union.



The almighty dollar

In U.S. currency we trust. But should we?

100 Years of Labor in the USA


100 Years of Labor in the USA

A cruelly missed opportunity: Black and white workers after the Civil War.

US military spending


The madness of militarization

In the United States, war as foreign policy has become business as usual.



The puzzle of Putin’s Russia

How does a workers’ state morph into an imperialist wannabe?

PSL Offices Vandalized


PSL event and offices disrupted and vandalized in Albuquerque

Attacks on Party for Socialism and Liberation in Albuquerque show that anti-communism is alive and well via a reactionary strain of identity politics.

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Welcome! The U.S. Freedom Socialist Party is a revolutionary, socialist feminist organization, dedicated to the replacement of capitalist rule by a genuine workers' democracy that will guarantee full economic, social, political and legal equality to all who are exploited, oppressed and repelled by the profit system and its offshoot—imperialism.

We are unionists, antiwar activists, free speech advocates, environmentalists, LGBTQ freedom fighters and rebellious people of color and youth. There are branches of the party in San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles and Portland and a sympathizing section in Australia. Our sister organization Radical Women is the leftwing of the feminist movement and the feminist wing of the socialist movement.

Learn more about the party by subscribing to the bimonthly Freedom Socialist newspaper. It carries analysis, commentary, humor, and cartoons on the worldwide struggle for human emancipation. Or order books and pamphlets by socialist feminist theorists and revolutionary poets from Red Letter Press, the party's publishing house.