We need to act as ONE to stop the fascist threat
issue 25
January 2017

For nearly two years, consistent anti-fascist organising has thwarted neo-Nazis’ efforts to build a movement. In Australia, they remain isolated, splintered and weak.

Two recent events show the impact of tenacious, well-organised resistance. In late November, at short notice, Campaign Against Racism and Fascism and No Room for Racism mobilised Melburnians against a rally planned by neo-Nazis to celebrate Trump’s election. Nearly 900 had registered to attend the celebration. On the day, 200 came out against 50 fascists, making their tiny turnout invisible and inaudible and stopping them from parading through Melbourne’s streets. The Hitlerians lost in Melbourne again!

Two weeks later a protest planned by Jews Against Fascism (JAF) forced the cancellation of a public meeting where Pauline Hanson’s One Nation was to address Melbourne’s Jewish community. The meeting’s organiser was Zionist Avi Yemini, former sniper in the Israel Defence Forces and owner of an IDF training gym. JAF called their action “We Remember: Celebrate Multiculturalism” and hundreds responded, ready to disrupt the far-right gathering with a loud and lively counter-presence.

This is demoralising the neo-Nazi side. Reacting to the failed pro-Trump rally, the Australian Alternative Right bemoaned, “the ‘far left’ protest cult are loud, they’re out there in big numbers every week, demanding their voice be heard…” A combative and democratic united front of everyone under attack would do more than demoralise this menace: it would demobilise and end it. Hitler himself admitted that if there had been organised opposition to the Nazis when they were small and fragile, they would have been crushed. It’s time to hit the streets and build up our collective, organised power.