Statements and Campaigns

The U.S. has a one party system with two factions—the Democrats and the Republicans. Neither represents the interests of working folk and in reality they have no fundamental disagreements. One of many things they agree on is keeping third parties off the ballot.

Despite the obstacles to ballot access, the FSP runs candidates on a provocative platform of much needed and achievable demands including community control of the police, legalization of drugs, employer-funded childcare, and taxing billionaires and millionaires to pay for social services. We gather support and endorsements from unions and community organizations for grassroots campaigns that push discussion beyond abstractions about “vision” and "progress." In a Seattle City Council race, run on a shoe string budget, FSP candidate Linda Averill won 18% of the vote and gained national FOX News coverage for her call to tax Boeing and Microsoft.

In elections where we have no candidate, we support other anti-capitalist and socialist office seekers by gathering signatures to help them get on the ballot. We also widely publicize our position on candidates and local and statewide ballot measures. Read more...


Below are a sampling of recently issued greetings, statements and letters
written by the FSP, its sister organization Radical Women and other groups.