NYC police review campaign on the move

Melissa Miccio

The campaign for an Elected Civilian Review Board over police is at an exciting, pivotal point. Members have just voted up draft legislation and are developing a strategy around bringing it to the City Council. This involves meticulous research into the political backgrounds and voting histories of council people who may be sympathetic to the cause.

On the surface, the work during the initial phase of this campaign strategy may seem simple, even deceptively so. But just as any sensible parents would want to know exactly who’s minding their baby, so do the campaign members want to be absolutely sure that such an invaluable piece of legislation will get the consideration it deserves by a potential sponsor.

There may well be progressive city council members excited to add the legislation to their political resumés — but will they work hard to defend the legislation and its principles? Campaign members are already making a plan to mobilize voters to make sure sponsors feel some street heat.

So, onward and upward we climb toward the ideal of a more democratic and just society where young people of color, activists and all city residents are free to be themselves and walk the street without fear of attack from the police.