July 5, 2017

PSL event and offices disrupted and vandalized in Albuquerque

The Freedom Socialist Party condemns both the attempt to shut down the Juneteenth event of the Party for Socialism and Liberation in Albuquerque on June 23 and the vandalism of their offices that followed. Whatever criticisms one might have of PSL or another left group, and however valid they are, expressing them in this way only gives satisfaction to the far right, the ruling class, and the cops, who are only too eager to see us distracted and divided. Justified critiques of racism, sexism, homophobia, and sectarianism are important and drive the social movements forward. But the trashing and attempted silencing of socialists in the service of more-oppressed-than-thou identity politics weaken the movements. As does redbaiting — knee-jerk anti-communism as substitute for discussing the issues at hand.

The rising right-wing reactionaries threaten everyone who has the "wrong" skin color, gender identity, sexuality or politics. While not surrendering our own perspectives and right to criticize one another, we need to unite against them to survive.

Doug Barnes,
National Secretary
Freedom Socialist Party - U.S.