December 6, 2017

Support Striking Oakland City Workers

Fund services, not tax breaks for developers

Oakland strikers The Freedom Socialist Party is represented on the line by striker Moisés Montoya (center). Photo: IFPTE Local 21

Oakland city workers from SEIU 1021, IFPTE 21 and IBEW 1245 are on strike because the city refuses to negotiate acceptable contracts. The gap between the rich and the rest of Oaklanders is widening.

December 2017

In the early 1900s, women in most of the world were relatively new to wage work and a small minority in the labor force. But their dynamism was an inspiring thing to behold.

December 2017

Over 500 angry voices shook the windows of the Bellevue, Wash., Westin Hotel on Sept. 29. The rally of workers, retirees, and activists were there to protest the right-wing Freedom Foundation, which was holding its annual fundraising gala high above the streets. As union carpenter Pedro Espinoza told the crowd, “They [Freedom Foundation] look down at us. But they don’t understand. They don’t realize that building wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for the tradespeople here.”

December 2017

October 2017 — Bulgarians demand raises. Over 10,000 workers hit the streets demanding a $59 per month raise for all tradespeople. Wages have fallen far below other European countries.

December 2017

Legendary labor leader Frank Little was assassinated 100 years ago to stop him from doing what he did best – organize workers. His life was defined by an unshakable conviction that you had to fight tooth and nail for the working class.

October 2017

Seattle Freedom Socialist Party turned up the heat on the class war with a crash course in working people’s history.

The six-week “Labor History Seminar” educated participants on strikes, organizing, and solidarity. It presented strategies for unlocking worker’s strength and provided opportunities to take theory and put it into action.

October 2017

Over 500 enthusiastic labor activists flooded the streets around the luxury Westin Hotel in downtown Bellevue on Friday, September 29 to picket the annual fundraising event of the anti-union Freedom Foundation. Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity (OWLS), a group of rank-and-file activists from several unions and unorganized workplaces, planned the event that was endorsed by more than 25 labor and social justice organizations.

October 2017

Facebook cafeteria: union on the menu

Over 560 people working in Facebook’s cafeterias celebrated Labor Day this year as new union members.

In July, more than 500 food service employees at the online social media giant’s company headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., unionized under the banner of UNITE HERE Local 19. They were soon joined by some 60 cafeteria staffers in Facebook’s Seattle campus — who will be represented by UNITE HERE Local 8.

August 2017

June 2017 — Sakuma workers win! Farmworkers in Washington state won a colossal victory after fighting four years for an independent contract. It took many strikes and a national boycott against Driscoll Berries to win a $15 average wage, seniority rights, and protection from retaliation.

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