The Rudd government and General Motors Holden: Fuelling the global climate crisis
Peter Murray
issue 40
Summer/Autumn 2009

Two interconnected images of the global environmental crisis:

People crowd around an emergency food depot. The supply runs out — again. There are scuffles and then stones thrown. The crowd disperses only when UN forces fire over their heads. A camera pans across a scene of total devastation, focusing on a small reddish dot moving among the wrecks of trees, the mud and the burning piles of timber. The camera zooms in to reveal a young Orang-Utan crawling towards the horizon, its home smashed as far as the eye can see.

December 2014

It was hailed as an historic march by some activists and chastised as merely symbolic by others. But the convergence of hundreds of thousands of people in New York City in September to protest climate change was a milestone for the movement to end greenhouse gas pollution and reverse the damage it has done to the planet.

A main organizer of the march was 350.org, headed by author and activist Bill McKibben. Its efforts gathered eco-conscious organizations from around the country and world. Mass grassroots meetings were held in New York City leading up to the demonstration.

November 2014

On September 26th, FSP organizers and supporters gathered in Seattle to discuss ecosocialism - "an anti-capitalist approach to upending the climate changers' system and building our own future." In this video captured from the event, socialist feminist organizer, union activist, & climate change journalist for the Freedom Socialist newspaper Mark Drummond covers the importance of infrastructure, indigenous leaders, and a sustainable economy to the future of our planet.

August 2014

“A world to win, a planet to save!” That theme of the recent Freedom Socialist Party’s national convention punctuated the urgency of stopping environmental destruction before it makes the earth uninhabitable. Having grown up in San Francisco and lived in New York City for the last 33 years, I was inspired by the theme to study and write on the central role of racism in urban ruin. I've concluded that it will take an ecosocialist fight that integrates race, gender and economic exploitation to get rid of environmental racism.

agosto de 2014

El autor pertenece a Núcleo por un Partido Revolucionario Internacionalista (NUPORI) en la República Dominicana.

República Dominicana y Haití están asentadas en el segundo depósito de oro más grande de América. Además posee enormes reservas de níquel, bauxita, ámbar, mármol, piedra caliza y granito. Scott Jobin-Bevans, ex-presidente del grupo minero Prospectors and Developers Association de Cánada (PDAC), afirmó que “La Española es una isla de oro” e inmediatamente se dispuso a explotarla.

August 2014

The author is with Núcleo por un Partido Revolucionario Internacionalista (NUPORI) in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic and Haiti rest on the second largest gold deposit in the Americas. They also have huge reserves of nickel, bauxite, amber, marble, limestone, and granite. Scott Jobin-Bevans, former president of the Prospectors and Developers Association mining group in Canada, declared that “Hispaniola is an island made of gold” — one he immediately set out to exploit.

The Victorian government must end the dangerous farce of privatised public transport!
issue 37
Winter/Spring 2007

Poorly maintained signals led to this derailment on 3 May 2007. No one was injured — this time.

Red Earth
Despair is not an option!
issue 37
Winter/Spring 2007

Every night, a strange thing happens at Snowy Hydro’s Tumut 3 power station. Water that flows downhill from the Talbingo reservoir is pumped uphill for use the next day. The huge network of dams is nearly dry. It’s an excellent example of how a sustainable economy needs a sustainable environment. This country has neither. Unless there is a return to average rainfall in the next few months, the national regulator is warning of blackouts along the entire east coast.

June 2014


Water wastage

Thanks for the article on the drought in California and the resulting, ever higher food prices in the land of plenty [Food prices, drought, and poverty, Vol. 35, No. 2].

With respect to capitalist-induced climate change, there are three kinds of people in California: the vast majority who suffer its effects, the idiots who deny it’s happening, and the few who are so insulated by wealth and power from its effects that they don’t care.

June 2014

We would like to extend a Marxist high five to WikiLeaks for once again exposing the nastiness of the rich and powerful and their government lackeys. Earlier this year the anti-secrecy organization released the draft Environmental Chapter of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP is a 12-nation, draft free trade agreement that encompasses 40 percent of world trade.

WikiLeaks president Julian Assange called the draft chapter on the environment “media sugar water” that “… turns out to be a toothless public relations exercise with no enforcement mechanism.”

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