February 2013

As the climate change doomsday clock keeps on ticking, corporate polluters are eying Asia as a new market for U.S. coal. Multinational carbon traffickers have proposed a barrage of new port terminals in the U.S. Pacific Northwest to export coal from the Powder River Basin in Wyoming and Montana. They are backed by the typical slew of double-speaking politicians, whose chief concern is helping the capitalists amass ever-greater profits, and some union officials, who see only the short-term promise of jobs.

December 20, 2012

To leave coal behind, take the profits out of the energy industry!

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change conference has just concluded, the eighteenth in a series notable for the lack of cooperation among the planet’s worst polluters, first and foremost the United States, and their failure to swiftly move away from dirty energy sources.

November 5, 2012

Durham-López campaign statement

Provide immediate relief for Sandy’s poorest victims and fund a real recovery

A disaster like Superstorm Sandy shows capitalism in its true colors. In the midst of chaos and suffering, the stock market in New York City managed a swift reopening after being closed for just two days, with Mayor Bloomberg ringing the opening bell.

October 29, 2012

Durham-López campaign statement

To protect the planet and meet people’s needs, get profits out of the energy industry

By Stephen Durham, write-in candidate for U.S.

April 2012

Heated battles around the Keystone XL pipeline have become both a vivid exposé of corporate and political deception, and a beacon of resistance to all who would preserve our planet.

On the one side are TransCanada Corp. and its numerous oil, gas and water affiliates in North America, joined by their allied politicians in Congress, both Republican and Democrat. They promise more jobs and more non-foreign oil. On the other side are opponents of the pipeline who have sounded the alarm that mining tar sands oil, transporting it, and burning it is dangerous business.

December 2011

On Sept. 19, 2011, 60,000 people gathered in Tokyo’s Meiji Park to say “Goodbye, Nuclear Power Plants.” This demonstration was the biggest in Japan since the 1960s protests against the U.S.-Japan Status of Forces Agreement, a military pact strongly tying Japan to U.S. Cold War policies.

The Carbon Tax Hoax

The Carbon Tax Hoax
Peter Murray
issue 7
October 2011
The Gillard government, backed by key “independents” and The Greens, is about to levy what Tony Abbott describes as a great big new tax on Australian workers and small businesses. He, of course, is a climate change denier in the pocket of the pollution industry. But even a liar can accidentally tell the truth every once in a while. Frighteningly, he’s also right about another thing: the tax will not mitigate climate change.

October 2011

The Tea Party claims to be a spontaneous, grass-roots phenomenon. Their “stars” in Congress pose as down-home folks swept into office by “we the people,” who are supposedly fed up with big government and taxes (whether on the super-rich or the working and poor majority.) In reality, these sleazy pols are multi-millionaire imposters protecting their own wealth and the profits of their corporate backers, and gouging everyone else. Their mug shots belong in a Rogue’s Gallery of scoundrels.

October 2011


Thank you

I wanted to thank you [Political Staff Workers Union, which FS staff members belong to] so much for your lovely card as well as the donation you sent.

I’ve been so blessed to have so many wonderful people fighting for my life. Every day is a new struggle but through God I’m still standing strong and proud to fight forward. The mountain that was once before me has been chipped away little by little.

August 2011

In April, 10,000 young people converged on Washington, D.C., for the third Power Shift conference, a national summit of youth activists for the environment held every two years.

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