August 2017

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is aptly named after the 19th-century Confederate president Jefferson Davis, and P.G.T. Beauregard, the Southern general who fired the first shot of the Civil War at Fort Sumter. As a U.S. 21st-century Attorney General, Sessions is in a position to drag us back to the Old South where Blacks were lynched, women “knew their place,” segregation ruled, gays stayed in the closet, and sheriffs could lock you up and throw away the key.

August 2017

June 2017 — Sakuma workers win! Farmworkers in Washington state won a colossal victory after fighting four years for an independent contract. It took many strikes and a national boycott against Driscoll Berries to win a $15 average wage, seniority rights, and protection from retaliation.

August 2017

In this season of budget cuts and privatization, unionized public workers are finding themselves on the front lines of defending a vast array of endangered programs. Likewise, as unions in the private sector shrink, government unions are more important than ever in providing an organized champion of the working class.

August 2017

Donald Trump unveiled his full 2018 budget proposal in May, making his goals crystal clear. Extreme capitalism and the dismantling of public programs.

He wants to end most help to the poor, people of color, rural communities and workers. He demands elimination of all funding to organizations that provide abortions, which would block many women’s access to medical care. He would decimate spending for education, the environment, social services, transportation and infrastructure.

June 2017

May 2017 — Autoworkers fight for contract. Seventy percent of Volkswagen-Chattanooga workers in Tennessee voted to join United Auto Workers over a year ago. Yet the automaker still defies U.S. government orders to negotiate a contract. Unionists from seven other countries visited to show support for Local 42’s anger at unsafe working conditions, constant shift changes, and excess overtime.

June 2017

“We must fight them!” tweeted President Trump angrily on March 30. Who?

ISIS? The North Koreans?

Not this time. The target of this Trump tweet was the right-wing Freedom Caucus, a group of about thirty House Republicans who played a key role in the March 2017 defeat of his American Health Care Act, a bill which would have replaced Obama’s misnamed Affordable Care Act.

June 2017

Hydraulic fracturing in Maryland is gone for good. Members of the Don’t Frack Maryland coalition led a tireless and uncompromising campaign for a total ban rather than settle for the so-called safe-fracking measures first supported by the governor and state legislators.

The coalition used hard evidence to reveal the ecological devastation fracking has caused in neighboring states. In Pennsylvania for example, earthquakes, air and water pollution, and increased radioactive radon gas levels are realities.

June 2017

Whatever else you want to say about the guy, Donald Trump is doing a yuuuge educational service as president. His bogus election and “You’re fired!” presidency are perfectly exposing the limits and fallacies of capitalist democracy.

Our vaunted two-party electoral system, providing for free and fair debate among cream-of-the-crop candidates? Yikes, no!

Winner chosen by popular vote? Nope again.

The lovely constitutional system of checks and balances, with the three branches of government each acting independently and regulating each other? Not so much.

June 2017

Fifteen hundred Palestinian political prisoners launched a hunger strike on April 17, ongoing as of this writing. They are protesting abominable conditions in Israel’s privately run prisons.

April 2017

Indigenous-led rebellion at Standing Rock and beyond

Gina Petry

Over a year ago, the Sacred Stone camp was established on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation to fight the Dakota Access Pipeline. Since then opposition has taken many forms and is not over.

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