Join Socialist Feminist Contingents in D.C. Inaugural Day protests & at the Women's March

Counter-inauguration organizers have scored a big win in gaining a permit for the Navy Memorial on Pennsylvania Ave. NW from 7th St. to 9th St. The Socialist Feminist Contingent will meet here since this is now the main focus point and stage for anti-Trump protests.

February 2017

Activists and organizers from every social justice movement were stunned by the election of right-wing billionaire businessman Donald Trump. Angry demonstrations tens of thousands strong filled streets in cities and towns across the country and the world.

February 2017

Tres mil inmigrantes y sus muchos partidarios se reunieron y marcharon en Los Ángeles el 18 de diciembre para desafiar las amenazas de Trump de deportaciones masivas. Estudiantes, familias, latinos, judíos y musulmanes, gente LGBTQ, sindicatos, feministas, grupos de iglesias y trabajadores de múltiples etnias, fueron altamente energizados por el tamaño de la multitud y la confianza de la audaz solidaridad.

February 2017

Three thousand immigrants and their many supporters rallied and marched in Los Angeles on Dec. 18 to defy Trump’s threats of massive deportations. Students, families, Latinos, Jews and Muslims, LGBTQ folks, unions, feminists, church groups and workers of multiple ethnicities, were all highly energized by the crowd’s size and the confidence of bold solidarity.

December 2016

Fight back or go under — together we can win!

William Hathaway

The presidency of Donald Trump is going to be a slap in the face of U.S. workers that will wake us up to the reality of social class. Big T's pedal-to-the-metal policies will show us clearly that we are one class, the ruling elite are another class, and our interests are diametrically opposed. Our declining standard of living is essential for maintaining their wealth, and they will do whatever is necessary to continue that. They will jail us, deport us, kill us, anything to crush resistance.

December 2016

The cold is settling in but the mood of Standing Rock is warm with solidarity. On Friday, Nov. 18, the International Indigenous Youth Council led a ceremony of 500 water protectors. We called for the release of Oglala Lakota tribal member Red Fawn Fallis, wrongly charged with firing at police and attempted murder.

December 2016

Indian-led encampments on Standing Rock Sioux territory are digging in for the North Dakota winter. They are determined to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. And they are not alone, as thousands upon thousands join their bold struggle to save planet resources and peoples.

Already they have won a temporary victory from the government to halt the digging, but Dakota Access is moving equipment to tunnel under the Missouri River at Lake Oahe. And the Norway-based bank DNB has sold its pipeline assets and may terminate loans.

December 2016

Courageous whistleblower and transgender activist Chelsea Manning remains in military lockup. But she does not remain silent. She resists brutish prison conditions by the Army and defends the right and need for whistleblowers.

December 2016

The Freedom Socialist Party is hosting discussions exploring the meaning of Trump’s victory and strategies for what next. Come add your ideas!

• LOS ANGELES — Wed., Dec. 7, 7:00pm, 6120 S. Vermont Ave. • 323-732-6416 or fspla@earthlink.net

• MELBOURNE — Wed., Dec. 14, 6:30pm, 580 Sydney Rd., Brunswick. • 03-9388-0062 or freedom.socialist.party@ozemail.com.au

• NEW YORK CITY — Sat., Dec. 10, 1:00pm, 113 W. 128th St. • 212-222-0633 or nycfsp@gmail.com

diciembre de 2016

Una cuestión está clara después de la victoria de Donald Trump: nada está resuelto. A pesar de los predecibles llamados por parte de los demócratas y republicanos por la unidad y la harmonía, la polarización reflejada en estas elecciones sólo se está agudizando.

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