December 2016

One thing is clear in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory: nothing is resolved. Despite predictable calls by top Democrats and Republicans for unity and healing, the polarization reflected in this election is only sharpening.

December 2016

Clinton actually beat Trump by about a million votes. Yet, absurdly, he is the next prez. Twice in the last five presidential elections the popular vote winner lost. Why? Because the Electoral College was written into the U.S. Constitution to undermine democracy and uphold slave-owners power.

11 de noviembre de 2016

No fue lo mismo de siempre: el triunfo de Trump y qué sigue

De cara a la elección presidencial de 2016, las élites del Partido Demócrata y del Republicano pensaron que esta sería una elección más. Uno u otro miembro de las familias políticas gobernantes –los Bush o los Clinton– sería el próximo presidente y la vida en el capitalismo, neoliberalismo de Estados Unidos proseguiría como lo ha hecho en los últimos treinta años.

November 2016

Report from Standing Rock

Days 6 and 7, November 20-21, 2016 – State warfare intensifies – solidarity builds

Our final days representing Radical Women and Freedom Socialist Party at Standing Rock were action-packed and compelling.

Members of the International Indigenous Youth Council and Gina Petry (right) with RW/FSP banner

Varied voices of water protectors

November 11, 2016

No business as usual: Trump’s triumph and what’s next

Going into the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the Democratic and Republican Party elites thought it would be business as usual. One member or another of the ruling political families — the Bushes or the Clintons — would be the next president and life in capitalist, neoliberal America would go on as it has for the last 30 years.

October 25, 2016

Time to defy sexual and political predators

Doug Barnes

Doug Barnes, FSP National Secretary

The choice between an establishment feminist warmonger and a racist, woman-defiling bankruptcy expert is no choice at all. Watching Donald Trump stalk Hillary Clinton on stage during their second debate, I wondered: was he calculating to intimidate or just doing what comes naturally? His misogyny is hard-wired.

October 17, 2016

This Year of the Detestable Election, exercise your democratic rights with a protest vote!

Once again, the U.S. two-party system has left us with two horrible choices.

October 17, 2016

FSP Recommendations for Bay Area Voters

For information on our national positions on the elections, click here.

A shorter summary of these positions is available at the bottom of this article. You may take the "cheat sheet" into the voting booth with you.

Pine Gap: 50 years of U.S. & Australian imperialist collaboration

Pine Gap: 50 years of U.S. & Australian imperialist collaboration
Michael Clark
issue 24
October 2016

The Joint Defence Facility at Pine Gap, Australia is possibly the most important U.S. intelligence gathering facility outside of that country. It collects many different types of data to aid the U.S. imperialist war machine. It also aids Australia’s own military imperialism in this region and has done so for 50 years.

October 2016

The battle between the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS) campaign and the Zionist establishment is heating up. The movement is led by activists who tell the truth about Israeli oppression of Palestinians. Palestinians in Israel confront discrimination in education, housing, jobs, and virtually every aspect of social life. In the Occupied Territories, they face everything from bombing to curtailment of food and water.

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