October 2016

The battle between the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS) campaign and the Zionist establishment is heating up. The movement is led by activists who tell the truth about Israeli oppression of Palestinians. Palestinians in Israel confront discrimination in education, housing, jobs, and virtually every aspect of social life. In the Occupied Territories, they face everything from bombing to curtailment of food and water.

October 2016

Yes. LA has a housing and homelessness problem. No news there. And it’s probably not news that many solutions are continually rejected by politicians and developers — capitalists all!

October 2016

When a security company set dogs on people challenging bulldozers in North Dakota on Sept. 3, the scalding images recalled similar violence against civil rights protesters in Birmingham, Ala., in 1963. And just as that Birmingham struggle was a defining moment, so too is the struggle for water and sovereignty by the Standing Rock Sioux and thousands of supporters, including nearly 300 Indian nations.

October 2016

After eight years of no pay raises and continuous short-staffing, the court clerks and janitorial staff at the Santa Clara Superior Courts were fed up.

In August, over 300 workers walked off the job. In wealthy Silicon Valley, the clerks and janitorial staff at the Superior Courts have suffered continuous short-staffing and no wage increases since the 2008 recession, even though the cost of living has risen 26 percent. Their 8-day strike was fortified by building community support, especially amongst attorneys, and a resolve to stay out until their demands were met.

October 2016

When Donald Trump took up the “America First” slogan, he was harking back to an extremist right-wing movement with a long, ugly history. Steeped in racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia and anti-communism, fascist mass movements large and small have traded in this ideology since World War I.

September 15, 2016

Solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux Warriors

To the Standing Rock Sioux Warriors,

August 2016

In May, the Lummi nation won their 5-year battle to stop a massive Gateway Pacific coal export facility proposed for Cherry Point near Anacortes, Wash. The tribe’s environmental leadership and defense of their treaty rights to fish in the area was backed by 50 other tribes and massive public support. The port would have been the largest in North America.

August 2016

France: Viva la strike wave!

Militant strikes have swept across France since March. Students and teachers kicked off the months of demonstrations by denouncing their government’s proposed changes to the country’s strong labor laws. Striking workers have blockaded oil refineries and disrupted nuclear power plants. Half of France’s 10,000 gas stations were out of or running dangerously low on fuel early in June. Public transportation unions have been calling for open-ended strikes affecting buses and trains.

July 18, 2016

Freedom Socialist Party recommendations for the August 2, 2016 Washington State Primary Election

This election features a sea of candidates vying for a spot on the general election ballot, but only one who names capitalism as the problem: Mary Martin, who is running for governor on the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) ticket. There are also two ballot measures that deserve your attention. Below are our recommendations.

June 2016

In their endless campaign to reverse the gains of women, LGBTQ folks, workers, and people of color, right-wing politicians have now turned their attention to the bathroom.

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