April 2016

March 2016 — France: 35-hr. week at risk. Students and workers hit the streets across France to defend their 35-hour work week and laws that discourage layoffs. The nation’s left-leaning government is selling “reforms” to supposedly fix high unemployment. Clearly, the public isn’t buying.

March 18, 2016

Family and supporters jubilant over release of U.S.

March 11, 2016

Primary season: an exercise in un-democracy

Lois Danks

With the final Super Tuesday coming up on March 15, it’s a good time to take a look at the process of selecting the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees.

The 2016 presidential election machine shifted into high gear in February with two primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire. It hasn’t slowed since. And, by the end of the March 1 Super Tuesday primaries, it was obvious that presidential primaries in the USA are a corrupt and dysfunctional circus.

March 4, 2016

Trump's rise: a reaction long in the making


The anger, xenophobia, and polarization so sharply on view throughout this startling election season didn’t come about overnight. It’s not even a phenomenon produced just since the Great Recession began, or since the 9/11 attacks in 2001. This “new normal” has been a long time brewing. It’s a product of some 50 years of an unfolding economic, social and political crisis that is firmly bipartisan in origin.

February 2016

French President François Hollande lost no time declaring a state of emergency following the ISIS-inspired terrorist attack in Paris this past November, which killed 130 people. Within hours the ink was dry. Two days later, French pilots were bombing ISIS targets in Raqqa, Syria.

“We must face up to a war against terrorism, against jihadism, against radical Islam,” declared Prime Minister Manuel Valls. This is the alleged rationale behind France’s moves.

February 2016
November 2015 — Korea attacks unions. On November 21, police raided the offices of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, seizing papers and computers. The government hopes to silence the KCTU as it leads protests to proposed new “labor reforms” that would gut workers’ rights and protections.

February 2016

Up and down the Pacific Coast, a largely indigenous workforce does the grueling labor to grow and harvest the fruits and vegetables that land on grocery store shelves. Now their relentless struggle against poverty wages and demeaning treatment is picking up speed like a freight train.

February 2016

As politicians in the U.S. call for banning all Muslim newcomers, and in Europe plot to get rid of fleeing émigrés from the Middle East and Africa, the Obama administration ushered in a cruel New Year for refugees from Central America. Federal agents are rounding up these refugees for quick deportation, while unprecedented militarization is in motion on the southern border.

As Homeland Security boasts, it’s “the largest deployment of vehicles, aircraft, boats, and equipment along the southwest border in the 90-year history of the Border Patrol.”

December 2015

La mayoría de turistas ven a Puerto Rico como La Isla del Paraíso sin preocupación alguna. Pero durante su visita en el 2014, esta autora se enteró directamente de los trabajadores Puertorriqueños cómo es la vida realmente. Un trabajador de construcción sin empleo tuvo que iniciar una peluquería móvil para sobrevivir. Unos días hay pocos clientes, otros días ninguno. Un trabajador de un parque nacional confesó las dificultades que él y otros enfrentan. El personal del parque se redujo de 150 a 22.

December 6, 2015

Nazi Skinheads Out of Seattle!

Distributed by Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women at Dec. 6 demo against the Hammerskins, a white supremacist organization that had threatened to march in Seattle.

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