Puerto Rican aid — no strings attached
volume 38
issue 6
December 2017

Puerto Rico is devastated. San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz estimates that more than 500 have died from hurricane harm, deceitfully cataloged as “natural deaths.” The numbers are likely much higher. Others are missing or “alive but not OK” say messages to alarmed stateside families. The USA does next to nothing, as supplies trickle in and FEMA fumbles. Up to three-quarters of people still lack power!

For 118 years Puerto Rico has been tormented as a U.S. colony. Wall Street vultures and big business have robbed it of resources and thrown the island into unpayable debt. Now they circle like sharks to steal public services and collect on their crooked loans. No wonder the electrical system, schools and roads were in no shape to weather heavy hurricanes. Cancel the debt!

Massive, free humanitarian aid is needed now! The U.S. Congress must abolish the Jones Act to enable other countries and organizations to send help. Supplies should be distributed by local governments and union federations, not the U.S. military. Puerto Rican and stateside unionists are already in motion.

More aid NOW! Free Puerto Rico!

(See: For an immediate expansion in U.S. aid and a free Puerto Rico.)