Ending sexual assault is revolutionary
volume 38
issue 6
December 2017

In the cascade of stories emerging about sexual abuse, one issue is seldom addressed head-on: Why? Why, in 2017, are women and girls still the victims (in the vast majority) of this kind of attack on their bodies and personal authority? Olympic champions, fast-food workers, women in tech, stars-to-be in Hollywood? Women in all countries, women of all classes and races — and in such shattering numbers?

The question, honestly asked, almost answers itself.

Across the globe, women are still seen as second-class humans and the property of the master gender. They are necessary to patriarchal capitalism for their reproductive capability and for the underpaid and unpaid labor they perform, an absolutely essential prop to the system. Despite the heroic efforts of feminist women and men of several generations, despite temporary reforms and the gloss of “progress” in countries like the U.S., this is the reality.

Enough! The promise of all the efforts for female emancipation over centuries must be fulfilled. It is time for our rage to carry us to the threshold of revolution and over it. Nothing less will suffice — not only for women, but for everyone exploited and oppressed by a profit system with brutality and darkness at its core.