Books & Newspapers

The Freedom Socialist is a bi-monthly newspaper with news and analysis from around the globe. It also features book reviews, irreverent political cartoons, movement news and letters-to-the-editor. The FS is a fresh, vibrant look at the news that impacts our lives. It has a truly independent point of view, with reporting and commentary you will find nowhere else!
Red Letter Press is a non-profit publishing house founded by the FSP to bring seminal works of socialist feminism to a wider audience. Among these publications are: Revolution, She Wrote by Clara Fraser, FSP founder, Voices of Color, a discussion of issues ranging from personal identity and interracial solidarity to racism, sexism and homophobia, and Viva la Raza: A History of Chicano Identity & Resistance, a riveting account of the struggle for Chicana/o liberation that reveals the workings of race and nationality in the U.S.
The Freedom Socialist Organiser is the Australian voice of revolutionary feminism. It’s a bimonthly newsletter highlighting the work of the FSP and encouraging readers to take action. It features news from the Aboriginal movement, the fight for reproductive rights, union battles, queer rights struggles as well as organising by the poor in Australia and around the world. It also contains a diary of events in Melbourne. Its goal is to reach out and inspire readers to join the rewarding fight for a socialist feminist and sustainable future.